Exploring Careers with Project Based Learning Toolkit

About this Toolkit:  Exploring Careers with Project Based Learning Toolkit provides over 50 different resources to explore careers with students grades K-12 using a project based learning approach.

Exploring Careers with Project Based Learning

  • Exploring Careers with Project Based Learning Presentation- A Quick 8 slide presentation including a six minute video from Edutopia describing the 5 keys to rigorous project based learning.  Appropriate for professionals, share with parents, and older students when introducing project based learning.
  • Virginia Career VIEW Project Based Learning Resources Guide- A 7 page guide serving as the key component to a variety of resources in print, online, and more for grades K-12.
    • Page 1: Highlights Virginia Career VIEW’s Resources including the kids search, Career search, 3 Toolkits and 4 printable resources.

    • Page 2: Includes Project Based Learning Online Examples and print resources from the Peace Corps designed for students in grades K-12.

      • Also includes project based learning ideas from various sources including Health Careers, United Nations Challenge Badges, West VA Department of Education and a PBL Learning Guide.

    • Page 3: Professional Resources for Project Based Learning including a Preschool PEEP Curriculum, STEAM Curriculum from 21st Century Schools, E Media.va.org resources, Edutopia and more!

    • Page 4: Is this an election year? Incorporate project based learning into your school through the election process with Scholastic, PBS Learning Media, and the Kids Search.

    • Page 5:  More professional resources including links to the USDA including a free curriculum for Pre K-8 to emphasize nutrition, High Tech High Real Examples of PBL in action, Scholastic PBL units and more (Prek-8).

    • Pages 6-7 USDA free materials to order and use in Pre-k – 8th grade to get your student involved in better nutrition and include parents in the process.  A must read for awesome free resources.


STEM Grants- Check out these STEM Grants that could be used to fund your project based learning! Includes Virginia specific grants, Edutopia grants, after school programs, Lockheed Martin grants and more!