WHO AM I? Toolkit

Identifying Strengths and Skills
About this Toolkit: The Who Am I? Toolkit focuses on identifying student strengths and skills. The activities in this toolkit are designed to promote self-awareness and self-reflection. Resources for parents and educators encourage career conversations with students, and resources for students encourage self-exploration as it relates to career exploration.

Tips for Using this Toolkit:

  • Use these resources as an introduction to career exploration; focus on self-reflection and strengths before taking interest surveys
  • Introduce toolkit activities before exploring Career Clusters (for K-5), and before exploring Academic and Career Plans, Career Pathways, and College and Career Readiness (for 6-8)
  • Present the PowerPoint at a PTA meeting to reach parents and educators
  • After students complete activities, have students write a personal mission statement or self-reflection paper to incorporate English SOLs and reinforce what was learned OR
  • After students complete activities, have students create a personal mission statement through creative expression; create a collage, painting, drawing, etc.

WHO AM I Presentation Template [PowerPoint]

K-5 Resources

6-8 Resources