Virginia College and Career Readiness Toolkit

 About this Toolkit: Preparing students for options after high school is becoming more important now than ever, and the resources contained in this toolkit can help counselors and educators in the following ways: gain an understanding of the changing definitions of college and career “readiness,” identify information at the state and national levels pertaining to college and careers, and provide materials that can be used with parents and teachers of elementary/middle-school students.

Tips for Using this Toolkit:

  • Use the Virginia College & Career Readiness Presentation with parents, at a PTA meeting, or during a teacher training event. Talk about the reality of what life after high school will look like for their students.
  • Educate yourself on the changing definition of college and career readiness using the links provided under “For Research or Further Information” so that you can better assist your students and their parents in preparing for future choices.
  • Invite the high school Career & Technical Education programs for a joint event at your elementary or middle school. Prior to the event, have students visit the VIEW website and complete some of the recommended activities.
  • Distribute the parent guides during parent/teacher nights or at individual meetings.
  • Present the materials during the welcome assembly at the beginning of each year.
  • Provide links to VIEW activities on your parent webpage, or include in a parent newsletter.

Virginia College & Career Readiness Presentation [PowerPoint]

Elementary Resources

Middle School Resources

For Research or Further Information: