The Pit Crew: Many of the same individuals who work at a car shop are needed at the track. The Pit Crew is made up of individuals who service the car during a pit stop. NASCAR allows seven people to be the active pit crew and go "over the wall" to service the car during a pit stop. The Behind the Wall Crew involves keeping the car up to speed. The pit crew is made up of several different jobs. Some of these include the: 1. front tire changer - who obviously changes the right and left front tires. 2. rear tire changer - we bet you can guess that he's the person that changes the right and left rear tires. 3. jack man - she's often known as the leader of the pit crew. She jacks the car up so the tire changers can do their job. If the jack man works more quickly, the tires can be changed more quickly. 4. gas man - well, he puts gas in the car. He uses a customized gas can to quickly fill up the car. 5. gas catch man - she's in charge of catching any overflow of fuel.

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