3D Graphic Designer

Have you ever been playing a video game or seen an animated movie and wondered how they get the characters to look and move the way they do? Have you wondered who creates the characters and images and what they use to do that?

3D Graphic Designers (also known as 3D animators) use computer software, such as Maya Autodesk and 3DS Max, to turn sketches and sculptures into 3D images that are used in computer games, animated movies and T.V. shows, as well as commercials, websites, and even some things on paper – like magazines and comics!

To become a 3D Graphic Designer, you need to be creative so you can produce unique and cool characters, objects, and scenes. You need good communication skills because you will be working with other graphic designers, sketch artists, or sculptors to meet deadlines. You also need to be a good problem-solver, as sometimes you may want to create something that is difficult to design.

3D Graphic Designers have a bachelor’s (4 years in college) degree in graphic design that focuses on 3D design. They also have to be an expert in using 3D software.

Many 3D Graphic Designers work for themselves, gaining work from companies or individuals for projects. Others work for a company or corporation, such as Disney Pixar or DreamWorks, where they design graphics for new games, movies or other projects.

Learn More about the Animation Process
Check out this link to see the first 3D animation ever made!

Click on this link to see how pencil drawings are turned into a 3D animated clip:

Click on this link to see how a 3D character is animated:

If you would like to try creating still 3D images, with your parent’s permission, download Google Sketchup for free from the link below. You can get a grown up to help you learn how to use it.

If you would like to try making some animated objects or characters, with your parent’s permission, download 3D Blender for free from the link below. This software can be difficult to use so it may take time to and help from an adult to learn how to use it.