Athletic Academic Advisor

While college athletes may appear to have a fun life because they get to travel to different places to compete with other teams, they face many challenges. In addition to attending class and completing assignments as do other students at the university, they also have difficult practice, training and game day schedules.

Many athletes are required to train early in the morning, attend classes during the day, and attend team practices and meetings late into the night. If the team’s game is out of town, the players may not be able to attend classes due to the travel schedule. That doesn’t leave much time for studying, resting or having fun with family and friends. How do they arrange their schedules and keep on track with their schoolwork? It’s not easy, but Athletic Academic Advisors are there to help!

Athletic Academic Advisors teach the athletes how to balance their team travel time, practice time while also being successful in their classes. Advisors work with teachers and athletic coaches, in addition to the student athletes in order to create course schedules. They also assist in the coordination of study halls and arranges for tutors to help students who need additional instruction for their classes.

Advisors meet with the athletes and their parents even before college starts so everyone is prepared for the busy times ahead. Athletic Academic Advisors often work at night and on the weekends so that they can meet with the athletes to which they have been assigned. Athletic Academic Advisors require an bachelor’s (4 years) or master’s (bachelor’s + 2 years) degree in education or counseling.

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