Cruise Ship Director

If you or someone you know has ever been on a cruise, you likely know that there are many different forms of entertainment that happen on a cruise ship, and organizing all of that entertainment is a pretty big job.  Cruise ship directors are responsible for all of the onboard entertainment that happens on a cruise ship, including music, dancing, casinos, live performers, comedy shows, and much more.  Cruise ship directors supervise all the staff members who are involved in the different entertainment activities including cruise staff, activity coordinators, casino staff members, etc.  In addition to hosting and organizing various event, cruise ship directors occasionally perform themselves, so it is important that they have experience in the performing arts.

To be a cruise ship director, it is recommended that an individual have previous experience as a cruise ship entertainer, and it is preferred that he or she held a previous role of assistant cruise ship director.  Cruise ship directors should also be comfortable socializing with individuals, as they will be around cruise ship passengers every day.  Good management and organization skills are also important, as well as being comfortable working at sea and being away from home for long periods of time.