Forensic Crime Scene Investigator

Do you enjoy watching CSI? Does exploring a crime scene sound like an interesting job? If so, you might be interested in becoming a forensic crime scene investigator. But, despite how exciting it looks on T.V., crime scene investigation is difficult, takes a lot of time, and attention to detail. An investigation relies on the forensic crime scene investigator being able to correctly recognize, isolate, and protect the crime scene.

There are three general steps that a crime scene investigator takes to sort out a crime scene. These steps are recognizing the scene of the crime, documenting the scene, and collecting evidence at the scene of the crime. A Forensic Crime Scene Investigator works to uncover the truth. This work includes making sure tests on evidence is performed correctly, information is looked over thoroughly, reports are written correctly, and testimony in court is truthful and complete. Most departments prefer at least a four-year-degree for entry-level jobs. Other important skills to possess include good speaking skills, good note-taking skills, and the desire to work alone and with a team.

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