Golf Ball Diver

The main job of a golf ball diver is to collect lost golf balls from the ponds and streams on a golf course to be cleaned, repackaged and resold.  A typical golf course usually has between 4 and 12 ponds and divers can spend up to 8 – 10 hours a day searching for lost golf balls.  Most golf ball divers usually dive about 4 days a week and collect approximately 4,000 golf balls.  A typical day in the life of a golf ball diver involves putting on a wet suit and working with a dive crew to search for and collect lost golf balls.  Divers often work in teams for safety reasons, as divers are at risk for being attacked by wildlife, such as alligators, and the diving equipment can sometimes malfunction. 

 The work of a golf ball diver can be very demanding.  While one golf ball alone is not that heavy, carrying hundreds of golf balls at a time can weigh over 65 pounds.  Golf ball divers must be comfortable working where they can’t see, as the ponds are often dark and filled with algae.  To become a golf ball diver, an individual must be certified for unrestricted commercial scuba diving, which may require up to 200 hours of diving experience.  They must also be certified in first aid and dive rescue, in good physical health, and should enjoy working outdoors at all times of the year.