Hair Simulation Supervisor

Hair simulation supervisors are one of the many artists that work on animated films.  Just like the title suggests, a hair simulation supervisor spends most of his or her time making sure the hair of the animated characters look as real and natural as possible.  To do this, you have to pay very close attention to detail and imagine how the hair would move, look, and feel in many different situations.  For example, a hair simulation supervisor has to think about how the hair of a princess would move when she tosses her head to the side, or how the sunlight might make the hair of a mermaid look in comparison to how her hair might look under the water.  Each strand of hair and its movement must be considered in each shot of a film to make it looks as natural as possible.

To be a hair simulation supervisor, a bachelor’s degree or higher is recommended, as well as being about to communicate well and work as a team player.