Mobile Experience Architect

It seems like everyone has or knows someone with a smart phone (like an iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry) or a mobile device such as an iPad these days. Have you ever gone on the web using your (or someone else’s) smart phone or other mobile device? Have you ever played a game or used an app on a smart phone or mobile device?

Mobile experience architects are responsible for designing mobile web pages and apps for smart phones and mobile devices. The web pages you see on your phone or mobile device are often different from the ones you see on your computer.

To be a mobile experience architect, you must be familiar with how to use different programming platforms (like Java) and the different types of devices and their interfaces (like iPhone, Android, Tablet). While there are no specific qualifications required, many companies offer certificates in mobile architecture. They allow people to show they can make apps using programming platforms.

Learn More about Mobile Experience Architecture

Click this link to look through some slides that cover the important things mobile experience architects consider when making mobile web pages:

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