Robotics Technician

If you guessed that a robotics technician works with robots, you were right. They fix, set up, and maintain robots and other automatic systems. These technicians work in many different settings.

Robotics technicians may work for companies that make different items. They often work with designers and engineers. They might spend their time setting up new robots, testing robots, or designing and programming robots. Robotics technicians also work for companies to keep robots working properly. They have to fix the robots if they are not working properly. Car manufacturers employ robotics technicians as well. In this setting, the technician is trained in many different areas to maintain and fix robots and other equipment.

Many robotics technicians have a two-year degree in electronics from a community college or trade school. They must be able to read diagrams and technical instructions. Computer and electronic skills are very important for this career. Individuals with this training and experience will have the best opportunities.

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