Shark Tank Cleaner

A shark tank cleaner does exactly what the title suggests – he or she cleans shark tanks!  Though this may not sound like a glamorous job, it is a very valuable job for aquariums.  Shark tank cleaners can spend up to 35 – 40 hours a week (which is more than 1,000 dives a year!) cleaning the inside of shark tanks, which helps to keep the sharks healthy.  To be shark tank cleaner, you must be a certified diver with lots of diving experience.  Of course, there is a certain element of danger that comes with being a shark tank cleaner because the sharks stay in the tank while the diver cleans!  Shark tank cleaners must undergo special training before becoming a tank cleaner in order to learn shark behavior and how to recognize when it is no longer safe to be in the tank.  This training helps to make the job safe for the tank cleaners so that they can stay out of danger.