Ski Patroller

There is no way to describe a typical ski patroller. When people use the term ski patroller, they are often referring to someone they imagine as transporting an injured skier or teaching individuals how to ski. These are some of the duties of a ski patroller. Other duties include emergency care, insuring skier safety, and helping in the general day to day operations of the ski resort. Some ski areas depend on volunteer patrollers while other areas use paid patrollers, and some ski areas may use a combination of both paid and volunteer patrollers.

Qualifications to become a ski patroller include being an advanced level skier as well as having first aid training. If you enjoy helping others, want to learn and use emergency care skills, and love to ski then ski patrolling may be a profession you would enjoy. It is important to remember that many patrollers are volunteers; therefore, you would need to locate a ski area that pays its patrollers if you want this to be your full-time job.

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