Speech-Language Pathologist

Do you know the first word you ever spoke? While you were too young to remember big day, it is likely that a family member will recall the word and where you were when you said it! But just as amazing as speaking your first word is the fact that babies actually start learning about speech and language before they are born. This is because they are able to hear sounds and respond to familiar voices. While speech and language development is different from child to child, by the time a baby reaches 1 ½ to 2 years of age, he or she is usually talking.

However, if a person is unable to hear clearly or create sounds and words easily, it may make it difficult for him or her to communicate with others. That’s where Speech-Language Pathologists can help!

Speech-Language Pathologists, also called Speech Therapists, help people that have difficulty speaking clearly and easily. While they often work with children, there are opportunities to help people of all ages. For example, if a person has a stroke it can be difficult for him or her to move their mouth and create words. Speech-Language Pathologists meet one-on-one clients to evaluate their challenges and create a plan to help them improve their ability to communicate. To learn more about stokes and other difficulties that may affect speech be sure to see the “Find out More” section at the bottom of this page.

Speech-Language Pathologists are patient, friendly and have a sincere interest in helping people. They can work in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. A bachelor’s degree (4 years) in speech-pathology is required to become an Assistant in the field. A master’s degree (bachelor’s + 2 years) is required to become fully certified to work as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

College courses include science, psychology, human development and communication. After graduating from college, students must pass the national certification exam and work as an intern before becoming fully certified to work in the field.

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